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Learning how to discern God’s voice, to hear the still quite voice within you is what we are going to be revealing to you through the chapters of my new book.

Know beyond a doubt, all you need for this journey has already been deposited in you and you’ve been fully prepared to travel, nothing is lacking. Noting is needed except your desire and by the end of this journey you too will be sharing with all you love how to Hear God’s Voice . Coming soon in 2019

Divine Revelation



There was a spark. After many years of dry bones and dead waters in my Christian life. There was a spark from above and a work was started in my life. Where there was wasteland in my Christian walk, a spark of hope was deposited. A desire was kindled and though I was walking in blindness, brokenness, and living in a dry and thirsty land. God decided it was time to reveal to me a new path. I was about to embark on a new journey. Through a simple desire to hear God’s voice a whole new brilliant, abundant life was about to be opened to me. I was granted permission, access to the life Jesus had intended when He died for me. A journey was opened up to me and I was about to be granted my hearts desire to hear God’s voice. 

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Coming soon 2019.  Add your email and you will be the first to know when my book will hit the shelves. If you desire is to hear God's voice then you are welcome to go with me on the journey God took me on. We will practice together and achieve some amazing healing along the way. I can't wait to share with you my journey and to help you on yours